Serve static JS from CDN

Enjoy Vaadin add-ons,
but never compile your
Vaadin widgetset again.

1. Insert magic to your pom.xml:

* At this point you should get rid of widgetset reference in your web.xml/servlet/UI and all *.gwt.xml files in your project.

2. Use any of the magical Vaadin add-ons:


<!-- Vaadin add-ons are in>


3. Build and run your project:

mvn clean install jetty:run
(or whatever the method you prefer to deploy your app).

...enjoy magic.

  • Save minutes on every build.
  • No manual configuration for Vaadin add-ons.
  • Get optimized widgetset for the components you use.
  • Automatic GZIP for faster loading times.
  • Offload your production server from static resources.
  • Nothing to install on production server.

If you are an existing Vaadin developer, now you can get rid off the following:

  1. @Widgetset annotation (or widgetset parameter in @VaadinServletConfiguration)
  2. YourAppWidgetset.gwt.xml
  3. vaadin-maven-plugin*
*) Vaadin maven plugin may still be required if you use it for compiling custom themes, but you can still comment out update-widgetset and compile goals.

How does it work?

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